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Denise Crochet, CI and CT
EIPA level 5.0
Denise Crochet, Semantikos, LLC, has been actively working in the interpreting field for nineteen years.  Ms. Crochet's career has included, educational, medical, mental health, theatrical,  minimal language skills, legal and Video-Relay interpreting. Denise is particularly fond of  Deaf/Blind interpreting. She is available for workshops and/or presentations.
In addition to the various schema in which she has interpreted, Ms. Crochet also works as a mentor for the Louisiana State Dept. of Education, and for Sorenson Video Relay Service.She is the Executive Director of the non-profit, Deaf Action Center, Northshore.  She provides sign language instruction for a variety of clients whose interests are interpreting as a profession, as well as those who are losing there functional hearing and are seeking an alternative mode of communication. Her passion for both interpreting and mentoring led her to establish Semantikos, (the Greek root for Semantics), in July of 2007.
421 E. Lockwood St
Covington, La. 70433
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